Magazine/online pieces links

You can find some of my pieces at the following links 🙂  (online pieces are at the links in italics)

Firewords Quarterly Issue #2:


Holdfast Magazine Issue #5 (Of Land, Sea and Sky)


Fur-Lined Ghettos Issue #6


Thick Jam: (defunct)


Don’t Do It Magazine Issue #7 (Good Worlds/Bad Worlds) :


Thought Collection Publishing website:

Thought Notebook Literary & Visual Art Journal Volume 1:

3138473 (purchase link)

The Moon Publishing & Printing Monthly Magazine Volume 12 Issue 5:

Puffin Review online magazine:

New puffin logo

The Moon Volume 12 Issue 6 June 2014:


Words Paint Pictures – A journal of short stories and art:


The High Flight Fanzine Issue 2 (Glasgow/Edinburgh) :





8 thoughts on “Magazine/online pieces links

  1. PS I’ve bookmarked this to take a further look later as things are bogged down for me at the moment. I like what the poster said about your “surreal work” it is wonderfully imaginative and surreal.

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